Adjustable Magnetic Welding Holder

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    The must-have welding tool for holding objects!


    ✅ Save More Time: Time is extremely important. It is easy to use allowing you to hold and weld at the same time without a second person.

    ✅ Adjustable And Flexible: it can be adjusted for different angles from 45° to 180° giving you more flexibility and room to work with. 

    ✅ Works On Different Materials: Our Adjustable Welding Magnetic Holder can work on a wide range of materials. Even on some kinds of stainless steel. (Except on aluminium because isn't magnetic).

    ✅ Extremely Strong Hold: High quality strong magnet helps to support small objects that are hard to clamp. Each piece can hold up to 4kg. (more pieces together will give you a strong holder).


    Powerful Magnetic Hold Sections While You Weld
     Adjustable Magnetic Welding Holder ensures secure and steady hold of items while you weld.

    Made of premium-grade durable stainless steel, just one V-shaped clamp can pull force up to an amazing 4 kilograms! Its magnetic grip holds even small objects that are hard to clamp.

    Get The Perfect Weld, First Time
    Save time and extra effort by getting the weld right on your first try! It gives you exact positioning to get the perfect weld with zero errors.

    Secure Plates, Box Sections, Tubes
    Now you can secure and weld box sections, tubes, tabs, unevenly shaped objects, and round parts for efficient fabrication!

    You can also use them on doors, windows, tool boxes, and other pieces of furniture.

    Adjust To All Angles
    It can work at angles from 45° to 180°! This highly adjustable design allows you to easily configure the angle and position of items to be welded.

    Make Difficult Fabrications Very Simple!
    This extremely strong magnet makes metal fabrication and welding work easier and faster while guaranteeing extreme accuracy!

    “I was trying to figure out which clamps to use because there were so many. Luckily I found WeldAid™! It really helps me with all my DIY jobs! It frees up my hands so I can concentrate on my work better. Hard to imagine welding without this great tool!”

    Why choose WeldAid™ Adjustable Magnetic Welding Holder?

    • Allows you to hold and weld at the same time
    • Works on a wide variety of magnetic materials
    • Can replace several different kinds of clamps
    • Super adjustable and flexible
    • Easy to use for both amateurs and pros
    • Can be used for welding, soldering, installations, and more!


    1 x WeldAid™ Adjustable Magnetic Welding Holder


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