Instamask Facemask Making Machine

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Instead of spending so much time trying to find the right face mask, make your own! You know your skin more than anyone. Wouldn’t it be amazing to control the ingredients you add to your facemask?

The amazing DIY Natural Mask Maker is safe for your skin and your health. You can simply create your own DIY facial mask by pouring the liquid of the fruit, vegetable, tea, milk, honey, beer, wine, essential oils, herbs or flowers liquids into the machine.

Natural liquid ingredients you can use:

Fruits ( Oranges, Lemons, etc…)

Vegetables (Cucumber, Yam, etc…)

Protein ( Eggs) Aloe

Different kinds of tea ( black, green, chamomile, etc…) Honey Beer Wine Essential Oils Herbs Flowers

The list is endless, as long as you can blend it into a liquid, you can put it into the machine. 

Please allow 2 - 4 Weeks for delivery