81PCS Universal Screwdrivers

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Precise full set:
81 full set, including 54 in 1 magnetic screw-driver set, anti-static wrist strap, anti-static tweezers, stainless steel rod, SIM card pin and LCD sucker, utility knives, etc.

High quality and good performance:
These durable screwdrivers are made of CRV steel and its hardness can reach hrc52-56, which guarantees long-term use. Besides, with the extension rod and flexible shaft, stereo work and other large electronics where screws are not on the surface are easy to handle.

Ergonomic design:
With the design of spherical rubber particle for larger frictional drag and non-slip rubberized, the handle can be operated comfortably making work easier. Plus, the distinctive driver is anti-static and anti-skid, making it be used more safely and easily for a long time.

Broad use:
INLIFE 81 in 1 multi-function repairing tools set, perfect for iPad, iPhone, tablet, laptop, PC, smart phone, watch, lens, camera, game controller and other devices.

Portable item:
With well-organized nylon storage bag, convenient to carry and store at home or work, etc.

Package content:

1 x 54 in 1 screwdriver kit.

1 x anti-static wrist strap.

1 x sucker.

2 x big dismantle rod.

2 x small dismantle rod.

2 x triangle plectrum.

1 x stainless steel ruler.

3 x anti-static tweezer.

1 x art knife.

3 x mental iPhone dismantle rod.

4 x hexagon screwdriver.

1 x slot-type screwdriver.

1 x direction strengthen bar.

1 x sleeve.

1 x hand shank.

1 x plastic crowbar.

1 x pin for retrieving card.

1 x bag.