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Do you feel that you lost creativity?


Develops creative thinking
Distracts the child from mobile devices

Did you know; Most of us lose creativity from the first years of our lives.

Our creativity is drained by our education from the first years that is why we are so dreamers when we are children.

Obviously, you can not be a child again, but you can improve the lives of your children by taking the first steps to creativity.

We know that your child using this toy will LOVE because you can create amazing drawings with a special pencil; Pencils and paints are no longer needed, so be sure to ask for more for the brothers.


👣Leaves no Marks or Stains
👪Fun For the Whole Family
🎨Develops Drawing Skills and Creativity
✅ISO Certified and is Harmless for Eyes
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Product Details
  • Item type: Drawing Board (include stylus)
  • Sketchpad size: A4 
  • Material: PVC